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Statistics for Northern Virginia & Loudoun County; Critical Information about market conditions; Information on Buying REOs, Short Sales, Etc.
I have been working with some buyers for several months... We have looked, and looked, and looked at homes.... Foreclosures, Short Sales, Vacant Homes, Model Homes, you name it. From the time we first entered a model home, the client commented "What, no cookies?" It's true... gone are the days wh...
I hear this from friends quite often... "I want to get my real estate license. I think I'd make a good real estate agent. I like looking at houses." While the meat of the business is far more than looking at houses, that little misconception is not why agents fail. The truth is that most agents ...
Vicky Chrisner | (703) 669-3142 Airmont Rd, Round Hill, VA Conditional Approval has been received on this 31 lot subdivision in the Town of Round Hill, near Sleeter Lake. Property will be served by town water and sewer.Property is approximately 31 acres, with gentle rolling landscape, and a smal...
Just one quick real estate tip today.... If you're thinking of buying in the next year (or two) and haven't seen a copy of your credit report lately, I encourage you to get your free credit report. You can do so online at There are other sites, including "FreeCreditRe...
table width="558"> Vicky Chrisner, The Real Estate Whisperer | (703) 669-3142 352 Manor Rd, Front Royal, VA: Whether you want to live like you're on vacation every day or you're just looking for a weekend getaway, you're going to love this house. It is located in the mountainside community of She...
If you've known me for a long time, then you probably know I am not a gadget geek. I do not own the latest greatest techno-toys and I don't buy the first release of anything. New gadgets and systems slow me down because I have to adjust, and I do not like slowing down... especially if I am going ...
This post is inspired by a conversation I had with a client and local business man. He is a well established, experienced home improvement contractor. Recently, he had a past customer call him and say that a potential buyer for her home had a home inspection done and that inspector reported that ...
Well folks, I am going to say this, loud and clear.... NO I DO NOT THINK THERE IS A HUGE INVENTORY OF FORECLOSURES COMING. NOT IN OUR AREA. "But Vicky," you say, "I heard it from a little birdie that knows a lot of stuff. The foreclosures are there. The banks are holding them." So I ask, "How doe...
Do you need a survey when you buy a property? Here are some insights from Keith Barrett, attorney and owner of Vesta Settlements in Leesburg, Virginia. WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW      Stay tuned to The Real Estate Whisperer for more real estate insights...straight from the front lines.
This information, and much more, is available on my web site at and is updated regularly, so for the latest and greatest info, be sure and check out my site. HOW MUCH INVENTORY IS THERE? The real estate market is really all about "Supply and Demand", so to understand the ma...

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