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My real estate blog helps to inform and update past, present and future clients and associates on the up and comings in and around the Charlottesville/Albemarle and Richmond areas. If I have not met you, I look forward to meeting you soon!
It can be a quick decision when you decide to put your house on the market. Whether it’s because you need more room, a new job has come your way, or you have to relocate for a variety of other reasons; the decision to put your house on the market is the easy part. Having a home that can be shown ...
For someone like me (a TRUE Charlottesvillian!) understanding why Charlottesville is such a great place to live is second nature. We have all the amenities of a big city coupled with a very healthy dose of small town charm. But it seems that the secret is out! I am happy to say that Charlottesvi...
If you play games on your phone, tablet or computer than you are aware of just how commercial this endeavor has become. Remember the good ole’ days when a Nintendo connected to your TV set was all you needed for hours of fun? Well, things have changed a lot and today online gaming is all the rav...
One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is losing their home. While no one ever intends to end up in foreclosure unexpected circumstances can happen to anyone and sometimes having their home foreclosed upon cannot be avoided. The state of Oregon has discovered a very creative way ...
If your property assessment is too high it is not a good thing. Considering that the amount of real estate taxes you pay is based solely upon what the assessor’s office determines as the worth of your home, a high assessment equates to higher taxes and who needs that? If you feel that your home ...
Many of us have learned the perils of owning too many credit cards. The temptation to simply “charge it” when we want something and don’t want to wait to get it is simply too great for many. It’s an easy trap to fall into and millions of Americans struggle with this type of debt every day.  But ...
If you travel for business or pleasure than you just might find the future of plane designs to be a nice change.  Boeing has announced some very futuristic designs that they intend to implement in their new planes that will make flying a very different experience indeed.  To begin with the entir...
The dreaded status update.  As agents, we always hope for the best and sometimes...we get the worst.  This was a WONDERFUL status update I received yesterday (yes...I'm being sarcastic)." I just wanted to follow up with you guys and let you know where we are.  The borrower’s file is at USDA and w...
To begin, let’s first define exactly what we mean when we say we are “too busy”. For me, too busy means that someone is spending a lot of time doing things they must do instead of things that they want to do. Would you agree with that? No one says that they are too busy watching the super bowl o...

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Welcome to my Charlottesville & Richmond Virginia/Valorie Ford & Co Homes Channel Blog! We are a house marketing company with offices in both Charlottesville and Richmond, Virgina. Our Mission is to be the #1 real estate team in Central Virginia through providing excellent customer and personal service where our clients are better human beings after doing business with us because they look at life a little differently. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Through helping others, we can help ourselves to achieve great things!