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My real estate blog helps to inform and update past, present and future clients and associates on the up and comings in and around the Charlottesville/Albemarle and Richmond areas. If I have not met you, I look forward to meeting you soon!
Did you get in to real estate for more FREEDOM but find yourself working 18 hour days? Do you struggle with inconsistent income every month and never enough money to pay your taxes come April? Are your marketing expenses through the roof with a low ROI? Do you find yourself answering client call...
with no more work in the next 12 months?  Have you even thought about that?  What does that look like from a transactional standpoint?  Can you do it without increasing your work load?  Give me THREE WAYS how you can make this happen in the next 12 months. Ready...set...GO! Coach Val 
As real estate agents and self employed business owners, we often have very little time for ourselves!  We all have our calendars synced on our smartphones.  They probably all look impossible with little to no time working ON the business and almost 100% working IN the business.  What can you do ...
Are you aware of what is going on around you or are you so focused on the "goal" that life is zooming by and you aren't even aware of what all is happening?  It happens to the best of us!  More often than not, we need to SLOOOOOOOW DOOOOOOWN to speed up! I was a D1 athlete and I am incredibly in ...
Have you ever heard the saying, "If you say "yes" to something, what are you saying "no" to?"  If you haven't, you definitely need to make that saying top of the mind this year. We are all guilty of saying yes way too much in our profession.  Yes to buyers that aren't approved.  Yes to after hour...
We all set standards in life.  We know what we want and what we don't want.  We have standards with the types of listings we take.  Standards with the people we choose to surround ourselves with.  Standards with the types of clients we are willing to work with...and if you don't, you definitely s...
How TRUE is that statement?  Growing up and starting off on my own in real estate, my father used to tell me that my net worth was the average of my five closest friends.  I have some pretty powerful friends, but it hasn't always been that way...  I know you've heard the saying that if you hang o...
Last week I wrote a blog on "The THREE Questions that Everyone Needs to Internalize", and this weeks blog will piggy back on that post and expand upon the BEST methods of communication (and what to avoid). The BIGGEST communication problem that we face today is that we don't listen to understand....
Have you ever noticed that when everything is going AWESOME and the business is clicking along on all 8 cylinders, your body just...stops?  Well, that's a thing.  It's crazy how our minds and bodies try to psychologically and physically sabotage our successes!  Here are some simple things you can...
“WHO THE F**K ARE YOU?” Yes.  I said it.  I dropped the F bomb.  Think about it!  Who are you?  Who are YOU to be a Realtor?  Who are you to be a leader?  Who are you to marry a beautiful man/woman?  Who ARE you? Is there something that you carry around with you and tell yourself you are?  Worthl...

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Welcome to my Charlottesville & Richmond Virginia/Valorie Ford & Co Homes Channel Blog! We are a house marketing company with offices in both Charlottesville and Richmond, Virgina. Our Mission is to be the #1 real estate team in Central Virginia through providing excellent customer and personal service where our clients are better human beings after doing business with us because they look at life a little differently. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Through helping others, we can help ourselves to achieve great things!