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Today was nice to see the market keep levels at all times above yesterdays close (which was where I hoped and expected it to be at 101.20+ (FNMA 3.0))Our next big hurdle will be to see how far these buffoons in Washington DC play the political race card against us over raising it "yet again" and ...
Today has done what I hoped and expected but still has a ways to go to cross the finish line. The FNMA 3.0 coupon has been trading in the 100.50-101 range for the last couple weeks with very little sign showing break in either direction. I felt yesterdays charge and close put us in position to se...
Today brought about some positive news for rates as it pushed the FNMA 3.0 coupon to its resistance levels of 101. The index hit it a couple times today but did not pierce through as of yet. When the bell ended to close today the indicie finished at 100.938.Tomorrow could be significant as we ver...
Well in a game that at times could have gone either way the Broncos, once again, come out on top with a perfect 3-0 start to this season. Taking a lot of the end game nail biting was the 3rd and 6 play the Broncos converted for a touchdown to take a 2 possession 12 point lead with just over 2 min...
Love seeing my beloved Broncos play in Primetime and SO glad they actually are showing a few signs of life tonight.Going into Detroit to play the Lions I thought they might play better tonight but glad to actually see it in action.Right before the 1/2 the Broncos scored on a 4th and 1 with a 40 y...
Been a hectic month end and had very little time to keep up on market updates but wanted to do a week ending one today.FNMA 3.0 has been, as predicted, holding fast to the support of 100.500 and resistance at 101 this week.With heading towards winter months and an economy still on federal life su...
late report today but the market is in its current sideways pattern. The established trading range I laid out earlier seems to be holding true to form and the support for 100.5 and the resistance at 101.000 seems to be clearly defined for now. The FNMA 3.0 is closed today at 100.875.Don't expect ...
I know I have missed a few days on this but been out of town and limited on access to wifi and computer.had Thursday and Friday last week fall in true to form after the announcement from the Feds that now is not the right time to raise rates and the bonds are holding solid still. Immediate gain w...
Finally after all the hype and drama we get the results and to prove my point that I do trust Yellen to make the right call, even when pressure to do the wrong one is very evident, she does do the right thing.Our economy both here in the US as well as globally is still anemic at best. To raise ra...
I am, not sure what is going to have more fireworks today, the fed speech giving us the answer to the rate hike question or the Broncos vs Chiefs game tonight?My money is on the game as I am pretty certain the Feds chose to NOT raise rates.Regardless of the decision I am in total agreement with J...

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