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While not a real strong rate mover, seeing the trade deficit shrink is a good thing. Glad to see Americans working and making items that other countries are buying. Still expect most trading today and tomorrow to be sideways while the major focus will be on Fridays non farm payroll report. A good...
While overall economic data is less then desirable the biggest focus for this week has eyes on Friday for the Non Farms payroll. Expectations are that this number will reduce by a 1/10th of a percent and drop this to 5.0.I still have a very tough time with this as it does not count people activel...
To all the naysayers I really did think the Broncos would win this. As much as I have been disappointed with Manning's play this year I heard rumors that Kubiak was going to let him run the offense he is comfortable with and that combined with an incredible defense and a home field advantage I sa...
As expected the markets have already started their turn in recovery from the ridiculous fear based and exaggerated sell off on Wed and Thur this week. Albeit the gains are relatively small in comparison to the loss it does show that with time foolishness will be corrected and I expect further rec...
Boo!Are you scared now? I am after reading today's data. In an almost inconceivable fashion the timing of this "new" data saying the economy is doing well and we can start talking rate hikes soon, is perfect to line up with Halloween and tap into the fear based overreactions it is causing.I will ...
Sorry for the late post today been a hectic end of monthWell in an unexpected turn the bonds took a 50 bps hit today as the Feds notes stated the economy is growing at a moderate pace yet exports are still weak. Yes this is a classic overreaction and one I think short lived so if you have not loc...
Another day of light economic news so don't expect much in the way of rate changing items hitting. With the FNMA 3.0 coupon firmly entrenched in the 101.50 - 102.00 trading range I see this as another day of that with little to no movement. The fact that durable goods orders fell slightly is not ...
Yes I specifically selected this title for all of the more "seasoned" folks here in AR land (lol) as a mini flashback to simpler times of the 70s when Led Zep was ruling the airwaves and wrote this classic song. It also is an easy segway into the challenge for October about communication. Without...
Another light day as far as news goes concerning the rate market but eyes will b e focused on GDP, Durable goods and income. I am not expecting any surprise numbers to cause a dramatic turn for the good or bad but as I always say we are in a crazy market and time right now and there is a lot goin...
Today brought us much more of the expected same. Mostly sideways trading and the 101.50 support has lowered a touch with the support reflecting 101.250 - 101.750 for the FNMA 3.0.Should be relatively calm for next week but the fun thing about this industry and marketplace is any and everything ca...

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