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Well today brings about some additional recovery from last weeks ridiculous sell off.For those who listened you have now regained almost all the losses that hit on Wed/Th last week as the FNMA 3.0 coupon is back to trading at near 100.50 levels again. This indicie was just below 100.5 but closed ...
Today brings us yet another mixed bag of news and one that the market has rallied some to retrace some of the earlier weeks losses.With non farm payrolls improved over expectations by 11k (which is good) and helps support a "possible" fed rate hike later this month (that I am still betting will N...
Been a while since I have posted one of these but between vacation, holidays and end of month it has been tough to find the time.Anyway market is trying to digest news about slightly better than expected data for companies adding employees to payroll. before you get too excited the jump is not th...
Well as we draw nearer to the long holiday weekend for Thanksgiving I am now being swayed from my previous position of NO RATE HIKE in December!Based on today's data release, this seems to be exactly what may be needed to push Yellen over the hump to make the decision to increase and do the unpre...
Should be an interesting week this week. Combined with the shortness of the Thanksgiving holiday (which usually does not bode well for the market) we also have the GDP and Personal Spending numbers coming out.I don't expect to see a lot of volatility from the number release but can EASILY see a 5...
So sorry for a late post today. Extremely busy with end of month joy and honestly no data to report.Today had no economic impact news so the markets have been pretty silent. The FNMA 3.0 did see a very slight uptick of 3bps and then appx 1p took an abrupt turn (not uncommon for a Friday before a ...
Yeah there are some things that are too funny to pass up on and others that have a counter side that never gets spoken of.When at the pump the other day I saw this and was like DAMN gas prices have fallen and that's a good thing for all of us buying gas to fuel our cars and trucks.Then it hit me ...
Today has brought about a slight improvement to the market as I have been calling for all week. The FNMA 3.0 is now up nearly 30bps from previous and is primarily based on the fact that the labor markets "show signs of improvement" which is a joke, as the modest gains of improvement are merely fr...
First I laughed when I saw our AR good friend John McCormack in a comment and he nearly had all 2's in his total but I missed nabbing the pic before it changed. Then I look at mine and see another daily double.I know stupid and a complete waste of everyones time but its an easy 25 points for a mi...
As par for the course today brought in a mixed bag of news. On the positive side the Mortgage applications are up (now lets see if they can close in under 40 days from all this foolish TRID mess that causes NOTHING but unnecessary delays) but the Housing Starts are way below expectations down 11%...

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