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Yes this is no typo, tonight and tomorrow Fiddlers Green will be playing host to the popular rock band Foo Fighters. The former drummer for Nirvana, who became the lead guitarist and singer, Dave Grohl, will be rocking Denver tonight and tomorrow and likely about 15000+ fans will all be fighting ...
While its tough to get too excited watching a preseason game I will say I was impressed with the play of some of the new players as well as seeing back up QB, Brock Osweiler, looked very accurate and poised.Who knows how the season will play out this year but I will say, other than the play, or l...
OK, as many of us out here in D town feel... we LOVE our Broncos!After a long wait tonight is the first preseason football game as the Denver Broncos visit the Seattle Seahawks in game 1 of 4 for the 2015/2016 preseason for the NFL.I know the game has NO actual meaning to most but to those lookin...
With the PPI (Producers Price Index) seeing a slight gain over expectations, the market has seen further pressure and additional losses (pushing the cost of rates higher again).I have had many send me emails directly asking about China. OK, here is my take on China...I feel they are going to cont...
Not much news today with retail sales coming in right at expectations but keep an eye on unemployment. Both continuing as well as new claims are higher than expected and that false rate of unemployment numbers (not reflective of true unemployed and underemployed) is likely going to be something F...
Today brought about a little retracement to yesterdays gains. The FNMA 3.0 that closed at 100.875 wound up giving up appx 30bps of yesterdays gains and closed at 100.563. While the market continues to consider direction from the fed the data dependent stance they have given is likely going to kee...
Well in a perfectly called entry yesterday with no real data on the table this week the market did move by its 50bps+ and for good news for all looking its in am IMPROVEMENT to rates right now.FNMA 3.0 coupon to levels close to the 101 mark but getting serious resistance to get over that point. I...
Today and the rest of this week brings about little data that will be of a market mover. With that said and recent history of nonsense I am not ruling out that we could see some change in the 50bps range + or -.We shouldn't but since this recent market seems to have a mind of its own it would not...
Today's news is not a shocker and continues to show weakness in employment. While that, in and of itself, is no guarantee that Fed Chair Yellen will not increase rates this year it does lead down a path of... is this really the right time in this fragile economy?I am glad I don't have to make tha...
Today brings us some additional data supporting the fact that jobs are still struggling.The market has reacted by showing some small signs of improvement after yesterdays losses but don't get too excited I highly doubt after losing 100bps in 2 days that this news is going to make any significant ...

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