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Realtors In the Information Age In this digital age, it seems like everyone turns to the internet for information. It’s no surprise that many even use the internet when looking to buy a home. Virtual house hunting is convenient and a time saver for the busy house hunter. The internet provides end...
When Can You Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance?  Commonly known as PMI, this is a frequent question and one that is more common now due to the recent FHA mortgage insurance changes.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of PMI. How To Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance Per the Homeowners Pr...
What Are The Benefits of Private Mortgage Insurance for Conventional Loans?  Commonly known as PMI, many only think of it as a negative, but this short video tip will keep you in the know about the facts and be thankful for the benefit it provides to buyers who plan on buying a home with a down p...
Digital Business Cards for Realtors Everything around us is going digital, even our business cards! Realtors and other business professionals now have a way to share their business card virtually with anyone, anywhere. Imagine not having to worry when you run out of business cards or forgotten th...
Qualifying for a USDA Loan after a Foreclosure Due to a variety of reasons, foreclosures are not always a result of financial mismanagement, but instead due to unique events that may not have been under the homeowner’s control. Depending on the factors involved, a USDA Rural Home Loan may be a so...
#Hashtags- What are Hashtags and How Do They Improve Your Marketing? Hashtags can be seen everywhere! They are found in all forms of social media and are starting to even creep their way into our society’s colloquial forms of communication. Hastags are one of the necessary keys to driving traffic...
How Does the Omnibus Spending Bill Impact the USDA Loan Program? After HR 2775 ended the government shutdown in October of 2013 Congress had a deadline of January 15th to pass another funding deal, either a full spending bill for fiscal year 2014 or another Continuing Resolution, to avoid another...
Do VA loans have set loan limits like FHA? Today we will go into detail about this portion of the VA qualifying process and how to help both Veterans and Realtors maximize the benefits of the VA loan program.    VA Loan Limit Guidelines Per website:  “VA does not set a cap on how much you ...
How can You Use Pinterest in Real Estate? Millions of people are using the relatively new social media platform, Pinterest. Many businesses from small to large have noticed the marketing potential Pinterest offers. Are you including Pinterest in your marketing strategy?         What is Pinterest?...
Financing a Condo with a USDA Loan Can a USDA loan finance a condo? This is a common question from both homebuyers and Realtors who are unsure if it’s possible to finance through the USDA loan program. A USDA home loan offers flexibility and may be an option when trying to finance a condominium. ...

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