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Thanks for the help, but not the cold! I am willing to bet that there has been many a time that we have all wanted to say this to someone. Personally, there are some people that I would like to say that to right now! So instead of just sitting here sipping herbal tea while praying that I don't ac...
Fashion has become a term that means many things, it covers everything from your personal style to what is hot (and what is not) to the creation of one of a kind works of art. Very word evokes mental images of razor thin, pouty lipped beauties strutting down the runway in scandalously daring cout...
I just found this really neat website with tons of freebies for all kinds of things! And all of them real estate related! There are links for everything from Free Photoshop Tutorials to Free Logo Designs. So have a click and check it out!
If you are looking for great place to get the latest books, CDs, DVDs and even video and computer games on the subject of Real Estate then check out! The have everything, from the classics to the cutting edge, and at amazingly low prices. So click on over and get yourself informed an...
Have you ever had some one say the following, or anything similar to it? "EEEEK!..... Oh.... Sorry! I thought your rug was trying to eat my purse." If so, it's probably time for a stylistic update for the homestead. Instead of burying the offensive decor item that so offended your guest, set it f...
As a Realtor it is your job to help people find new homes or to help them sell the one that they currently have, and in order to do that job properly you need to follow up with them on a regular basis, right? Emails, texts, phone calls, saying hi when you see them in the street and maybe even the...
For those of you suffering from severe boredom, or even just a mild case of the blahs, find yourself a Sharpie marker and check out this super boredom busting, ultra cool art filled website!    So grab a Sharpie and enjoy!
As a Realtor there is a huge list of things that are vital to keeping your business thriving and your clients happy. Generating leads, cultivating a client relationship from those leads and keeping your clients satisfied are probably the three most important things on your Realtor to-do list, asi...
The new iPhone 4 - Everything has changed On June 7th, Apple launched another cell phone revolution by announcing their latest iPhone upgrade... iPhone4. The great news is it's compatible with MobileLNK. Check it out: Apple has this to say... "This will have a lasting impact on the way that we a...
We are very excited about raingardens.   A Raingarden can be a natural solution to a drainage problem in your yard. A rain garden slows down and absorbs the run off of water from storms and can eliminate an erosion problem on your property. It can be a beautiful solution to an ugly problem. It i...


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