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I so wish I had one of these little guys the summer after first year of college! I got pulled over by a State Trooper for going 5 miles over the speed limit while headed back to my parents from a friends house. When I asked him if he was serious (because the speed limit had just changed and I was...
Have you ever had one of those open-mouth-insert-foot moments? Where you were so mad about something you just had to get it off your chest?. . . Only to discover that the cause of your ire was listening in? Oops! Well, now what? You have a couple of choices, and they depend on who it was that cau...
When you think about how vast the ocean is and how incredibly tiny these guys are, it truly boggles the mind. If the were like humans and knew the odds, they would probably stay on dry land and say "NO WAY!" As a result the species would have died out a long time ago. . . . . But being turtles (L...
We all know one. The Realtor that has been around forever (or at least since the Jurassic era) that insists on doing everything the "old school way". You know. . . . the person that once told you that computers were a plot by the Nazis to infiltrate American homes and brain wash the unsuspecting ...
I found this video and simply could not resist sharing it! It's something that I would probably do if it were actually available. (come on! you would too!)
Now you've done it! You have let me get Rainmaker status AND changed the state ranking pages so that my blog shows up more often.  "Shenanigans!" The Realtors cry! "It's so unfair! She's been here so much less time that we have and yet she shows up more often!" That's right! With the new set up (...
"Why me?" we wail in despair. Because my darling, it's Monday. Ah, Monday! That most gloriously loathed and maliciously maligned beginning day of the week. We complain, whine, snivel, bellyache, rant, rave and shout at the heavens in our frustration. "Arrrg!" We piratically growl, "It's Monday!" ...
William Shakespeare penned the well known words "All the world's a stage". Most people have heard this line at one time or another in various contexts. What they do not realize is that there is much more to the quote: All the world's a stage,And all the men and women merely players:They have the...
I saw this adorable little guy at the zoo in Boise Idaho. He was just begging to have his picture take and was even kind enough to sit still for me so I could take it. With his big dark eyes and solemn expression he was just too prefect to pass up. There were oh, so many cute pictures of him that...
As I was watching a workout DVD this morning (yep, I said watching, my daughter thinks that they are totally hilarious!) I started thinking about what an issue people's weight has become in society today, and how much emphasis is placed on our physical appearances. Then it hit me like a ton of br...

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