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Do you like looking at homes? Here is a list of our Homes For Sale at Urban Companies. Plus you can run your own searches on our website...Click here:Click Here for Our Listing Inventory at Urban Companies!! Here is a new listing I just listed.
Monday after Thanksgiving...Organizing and setting up a work station for our new Client Care Coordinator!
This audio is a review of all 7 secrets plus a focus on the 7th secret! A MUST LISTEN! Climb up the ladder... 7)      Dedicate yourself to your vocational calling in life to sustain your biggest investment. Owning a home is a motivator to always have passion to better yourself in your chosen voc...
6th in a series of 7 6)      Have patience. Real estate is not an overnight investment. If you think about it, as far as residential, owning a home is really very personal. Many people do not even look at their home as an investment. Although we know it is, and many times it is our most valuable ...
Simply click on http://www.jimsjournal.net/ to go listen to the interview. This is a sneak peak of part of his December Results in Action CD. Joe is a national spokesman and founder for By Referral Only. He coaches and leads over 5000 Realtors and lenders nationwide on how to build your business ...
A couple of pictures of our trip to BYUThis weekend as we were dropping our daughter Kendra off at BYU I took a couple of pictures. Kendra, Becky, and Katie. Kendra's new roomates! I sat on a Harley at Magleby's. We had fun!
Go to www.jimsjournal.net and view the Doyle Benton House Video guided home walking tour!
Just link to this and see for your self: www.JimsJournal.net   and click on the Doyle Benton House video! Give me your feedback!
Here are 7 essential and critical steps to Insure proper equity gain in your homeWritten by Jim A. Urban I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to write about this month due to the good and bad of today's market and how people have handled their biggest investment, their home. This message...

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