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 Well good morning activerain members!  I post my message today in celebration of my 30th birthday!  I first want to take the opportunity to thank GOD for allowing me to make it to my 30th year.  Nothing is guaranteed yet GOD showed his continued mercy and grace and allowed me to make it to this ...
Wow, that was a pretty harsh post...especially to me since I am currently an Independent Agent of United First Financial.  I do respect your opinion as I don't expect everyone to agree with or understand everything about this program.  But what I find insane is the thought that it takes until ret...
I just want to take the time to say to all active rain members, have a happy and prosperous week!  I hope everyone had the opportunity this weekend to relax and kick back before going in to another busy week.  Even though we all are doing something we love to do, sometimes it can still take a tol...
Was having fun supposed to be a part of the job?   That 's the one thing that puts this job in perspective...I enjoy it!  If you don't enjoy what you do in life you are probably wasting your time as well as the people you work for and with.  Unfortunately this is something that is reflected in wh...
How important is advertising?  Very!  It's the way you get your name out there when you have to market yourself.  The more advertising you do, the more results you will reap.  It is also important to realize to follow up on any new, existing and potential clients.  Your clients relationship shoul...
I know all of us strive to be successful in everything we do.   The one thing we all desire is success and we all understand we have to work hard to get it.  What I think we need to do is take a step back to see you define your success?  Success is like beauty, it can be in the eye of the ...
As a business women, I try not to get so caught up in to completing a task, that I forget about actually satisfying my client.  What I've learned is to treat people how you want to be treated and you'll be on the road to a well satisfied client.  If you are the type that needs a clear and precise...
What's fun and so satisfying about my job is the ability to provide my clients with the dream of homeownership.  Unfortunately what comes along with that dream is the unwanted endless mortgage payments.   I spend a lot of time getting people into one of the biggest debts they will probably ever h...

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