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My wife's parents have started growing strawberries. But apparently the native birds love to eat the juicy fruit. TheĀ  ugly bird netting that they use works fine, but little birds still find their way in. Unfortunately, they don't always find their way out. Well, I have a better solution... A Sca...
Whether it's a phone scam, Internet scam, or some other type of scam, you need to know how to protect yourself.One way to protect yourself: Don't give out any information.One way to protect others: Stay on the phone and ask a lot of questions. Here's a few that I like to ask. These are used for t...
I recently received a phone call from a phone scammer. This one was related to domain name renewal. But as you know there are many others out there: mortgage scams, insurance scams, etc.I did a reverse search on the phone number and found some interesting links. This includes forums where other p...
Newsletters are easy, once a month shots at communicating with your clients and customers. And wth the right company, it's practically automated. Blogs are time consuming and can take you away from "making rain."Can a blog really improve your bottom line? Or is it just hype? Well, Sellsius puts f...
I'm sure that most will agree that the MLS is an excellent place to market your home. However, I've recently learned that some agents do not enter all pertinent information about a property. Or more accurately, they do not check all the boxes. They do this to help certain features of a home stand...
"It"came in. I mentioned how it seemed easy to setup and you wouldn't need a "real" network administrator. Well, you don't. The new unit was up and running in less than ten minutes... really.Now for the rest of the story... The ten minutes included the time to open the box, install the software o...
Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all have come out with their little API's (Application Programming Interface) so you can create maps on your own website. However, API's middle name is "Programming", which means it can easily fly over the head of most people. Easier option? Yep, I got one for you.Ins...
Interactive maps have been one of the hottest tools (trends?) in online real estate. You have Zillow, Trulia, and others that offer capabilities beyond what you would probably do on your own. Well, I'm a Type E and am always working to implement new and exciting ideas, especially maps.Something t...
A couple of days ago I mentioned that I'll be testing a thin client device from Ncomputing. And more than likely will be purchasing a couple for myself. I'm looking forward to trying it out as I think it could really cut down on computer/network management for real estate offices and teams. This ...
Just a little more info about tagging and why it can help you. It's my last post on tags. I promise... At least for today.When tagging content in your blog, you can automatically generate highly relevant, inbound links to your site. (Is that good enough a reason to tag?) This happens because of t...

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Helping real estate professionals streamline and improve their business through the effective use of technology

Check out the Real Estate Technology blog.