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This weekend I helped my referring Realtor with two of her open houses.  Her first home had limited walk-in traffic and the second home was pretty steady.  Not a bad day and each home had a couple of interested buyers come through.  Hopefully, a contract will come from one of the interested parti...
Just wanted to give an a bit of info I found out yesterday in regards to customer's who already have a TB&W loan.  I used TB&W for alot of my loans.  One of my fairly recent closed customers called in a panic because her payment wasn't taken out and she had been trying to call them and didn't get...
First there is Buttercup.  She is the mother of Daisy and the oldest.  She was my first golden and my daughters roommate.  She has her own bed in her room.  She has soft gentle eyes and use to go visiting the nursing homes with me.  Then came Max.  He is my allergy ridden dog.  He is the easiest ...
Want the best way to show a foreclosure home?  Give the buyer a basic on how the 203k loan works.  That way when they are looking at the home they could picture the potential.  These loans allows them to roll in upgrades and repairs to the home.  There is a streamline product that allows up to 35...
I was referred a young couple who wanted to buy their first home and needed to get preapproved for the loan.  They had limited funds for a down payment and was looking at the USDA Rural Dev loans.  Of course, they wanted zero down and all closing costs paid.  I asked them how much they had saved ...
I've never done a blog before, yet I wanted everyone to be aware of a hidden danger we found in our home. I have an older home built in the late 70's and am constantly doing remodeling to it.  Our home has two bathrooms, a main one that the teens use and the one in our bedroom.  Every time the ki...

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