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Good question. I'm glad you asked it. Here's what I think. There is NEVER an automatic Deficiency Judgment with a Florida Short Sale. However, they is ALWAYS a deficiency. What you are really wanting to know is "What will happen to that deficiency after the Short Sale?" In an ideal world it is f...
Hi Folks. I guess all of the short sales and foreclosures have not had too much of an impact on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fannie Mae just reported it's eighth straight profitable quarter.  Fannie Mae stated it had PROFIT of $84 billion for 2013. This profit was the result of rising home prices...
Florida Has 8 Of The Top 10 Cities For Foreclosure Rates!! Well what's new? Florida is always in the lead when it comes to foreclosures. As an Orlando Short Sale Specialist I can help you avoid becoming a foreclosure statistic. Check out this foreclosure market update from the Florida Association...
ORLANDO FLORIDA SHORT SALES NEGOTIATED BY BRYANT TUTAS There are many lenders and investors that have no issue with any party to the transaction, including the agents, making payments to junior liens or other expenses not approved by the short sale lender. In fact BofA and other large servicers ...
Hi folks. Recently I was asked by a Florida Short Sale Agent when should they request a “Waiver of Deficiency” for their Seller. My response was to ask at time of submission and then in all lender correspondence thereafter.   An easy way to ask is to use a Short Sale Submission Letter. Below is ...
Speeding Up Orlando Short Sales To Help Orlando Property Value Recover In the past, Orlando Short Sale Specialist risked losing interested buyers when they needed to dispute a Orlando Short Sale Home value. The lengthy process often involved reaching out to a third party negotiator to work with ...
Hi folks. If you handle Short Sales then you are probably aware of the new trend..... Lenders/Servicers partnering with auction companies to "assist" in the selling of the property. The two partnerships that are causing the most discussion on the web are Nationstar/ and Ocwen/
We all get them. The calls and emails from other agents that are asking for things that they really should be able to find on their own. A perfect example is an agent wanting HOA docs before they even show the property. I get these types of requests quite often. And they can be anoying when we a...
I wrote this article a couple of years ago but thought it was worth reposting. Enjoy!! Hi folks. I’ve read a couple of posts recently that have left me scratching my head. Both were about listing agents and their “unethical” practice of not handling multiple offers according to the Buyer agent’s...
Florida Short Sales Completed By Bryant Tutas Are You Passing On Listing Florida Short Sales? Well......DON'T!! Instead.......let's partner. I will co-list any Florida Short Sale if you don't want to handle them. You handle the listing and the buyers and I'll handle the seller and the lender. We...


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