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I believe it is important for home buyers and  professional deal makers to become aware of the USDA Rural Development Repair Escrow program.  You may be interested in or asked to locate properties outside of urban areas, and the USDA Rural Development Program is often your fastest and easiest way...
I like what George has to say in this blog.  In customer service, it is alway important to inspect the processes that produce the result.  We must balance our analysis between the goals of our production and the possible obstacles we need to avoid.  George does a great job of laying out the obsta...
What to do during the Mortgage Loan Process? My friend Randi Wright gave this advice to me the first week I worked with her, and she has shared a million gems every since.  During the mortgage process she always confronts a problem by saying, "let's put our heads together".  She is truly one of t...
Tulsa, Oklahoma Down Payment Assistance Tulsa, OK, has a new down payment assistance program called the Tulsa County Home Finance Authority Turnkey Mortgage Origination Program.  Paired with an FHA, VA or Rural Development Loan, this program may assist more borrowers in qualifying for no-down-pay...
How to Use a Goodwill Letter for Credit Enhancement If you are told your credit score is too low, you have to quickly make a choice:  is this OK with you, or do you want to fix it.  I mean to say, you have  to take action, with absolute decisiveness; you have to stand up and make it the time to ...
How Do You Know if a Condo Association is a Good One? This is a question often under-looked by Tulsa, OK, condo buyers.  Condos may provide great bang for the buck, inexpensive amenities and low-maintenance, but this is accomplished through all of the homeowners in the building working as a coop...
When do interest rates go up in Tulsa, OK? Everybody is talking about interest rates, particularly about how they will move and when to lock your rate in.  So, how do interest rates move? It all starts with securitization.  That is when a bunch of individual mortgages are put together into a gian...
Will IRS Furlough Days Impact Mortgages? Here is a thought: will the IRS furlough days impact 4506 Transcript proscessing?  When mortgage borrowers sign their disclosures, they acknowledge the lender's intention to verify tax returns with the IRS by signing a form 4506-T, which allows the lender ...
Tips for Buying at the Tulsa County Tax Sale Auction The biggest Tulsa, OK, real estate event of 2013 could very well be the Tulsa County Tax Sale Auction the second Monday of June.  The June resale auction is pursuant to Oklahoma Statute Title 68, Section 3135 and is referred to as The Commissi...
Next up on the clock: 2013 Homebuyers I call myself a moderate NFL footbal fan.  I have a favorite team, I check in for updates most Sundays of the season, and yes, I am in a fantasy league.  In Oklahoma, they consider my football addiction un-impressive, recreational usage at best. I think of it...

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