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  There are some inspectors today boasting of something to the effect of: "I’ve been an Inspector for over 15 years and I’ve done 7 thousand inspections."In Illinois Home Inspection only became licensed in 2003, so before that it was not very official or professional, and there were no legal rule...
A lot of times, you will see home inspectors pull up in a huge truck. Some may think that your not serious unless you drive a truck. Ive had a suburban, two full size vans and a large 70s pick up. I really liked trucks more than cars. I was thinking about getting a good 4 cylinder minivan with a ...
WITH RADON GAS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO BE THE SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER (The FIRST is smoking) AND NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER FOR NON SMOKERS, I HAVE TO ASK; Why is it taking so long for that message to be understood by the masses?   Have you noticed anyone down-playing the import...
A fellow home inspector and i were discussing something confusing to us. Why is it so common for a person who is buying a home to wait until there is only a day or two left on the contract grace period to find and obtain the services of a home inspector or a radon measurement??? Why is this so? S...
I recently took a course on the physics of RADON 222I learned new information that i am chomping at the bit to share with people. tell every one you know!Ten facts about RADON: 1. Radon gas is noble & heaviest gas on periodic table.2. Radon is the largest source of exposure to radioactivity.3. A...
THE INVADING H20 PROBLEM Sometimes the rain comes faster than the earth can drink it up. Before you know it the sewer system is becoming overwhelmed. Its pretty common place to have a flooded basement or at least sme seepage if you have a home that was built before they thought to take measures t...
Our baby boy- Nico was born JAN 20 3:37am. My wife Kelli had a completely natural water birth at a birthing center, we were assisted by our wonderfull midwife Julie Marks He was 8.7 and 20 inches at birth. Isnt he adorable?  What is he thinking about? I say probably the next breast feeding..,
What is the reason you havent tested your own home? radon has been found in old homes, new homes, big homes, small homes in the city and in the suburbs, so what are you waiting for??  Well not to be a bummer, but i can tell you what you COULD expect... It is KNOWN that Radon causes about 21,000 l...
A home should have , at least, a 100 amp service. Any homes that have 60 amp or less should be updated. But if the oppertunity arises, the wise choice is to have 200 amp electrical service installed. That will be sufficient to handle the present day needs of our electronics driven society.   Comm...
Well, it is almost upon us; apart from a few occasional days of almost summer like weather, we are quickly moving into some colder days. If you havent had your home tested for Radon yet, now is the time, because It is much easier to follow the Closed building conditions during winter. WHAT ARE T...

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