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Hopefully I can articulate the thoughts that have been running through my mind since my drive home tonight. Epiphany, "light-bulb" moment, God speaking to me? I don't want to over analyze the "why" but feel the need to put this "out there." There are books on this very topic, "Likeability Factor"...
The Butterfly Effect revisited:  Let me preface this story with, this is a God thing, not a Travis thing! All credit and glory to Him.   I share this touching story because one; it was very touching and emotional for me and two; I want to encourage others to go with your heart when you feel you s...
In case you missed part #1, and stumbled upon this, here is the link to the first 10 and the background.          #11 "Shoot-em up Daddy Date"; We will start the day with some warm up shooting at the arcade, followed by Laser...
Many of you have inquired since my posts on Facebook about this and have realized a bunch of people either don't live and die by my Facebook posts, or simply did not see how much fun it has been preparing for my usual "25 Days of Christmas" for my daughter Karmen, who is now 8, that I started thi...
  So, I read this article today... in the Business Insider that through their research and data, they feel 3 of the top 15 housing markets are in my home state, Oregon. It seems I have seen all of the articles and ratings...
I have to remind myself as I lock my friends and clients into a committed rate for their pending home purchase or refinance today that an interest rate in the upper 4% range on a 30-yr fixed is still a historically low interest rate other than the very small window of time over the past few mont...
Another record was set today with mortgage rates and I am afraid the Cry Wolf Complex may have set in.
I too am guilty of becoming indifferent or jaded to the same worn out message we hear for weeks or months on end and when we hear the same message enough times, our "cry wolf complex" kicks in and we start to tune the message out. There are so many areas of our life where records are set or shock...
A quick overview of market action today as well as my thoughts on 2 important topics that are all the buzz right now with the $8000 tax credit about to expire and advertised rates versus realistic rates with extended lock periods due to HVCC and HERA. Find more videos like this on The Wealth Crea...
A short video to recap the $8000 home buyer tax credit due to expire Nov 30th. The 5 key points in my video will cover; #1 The deadline and what this means. #2 The IRS' broad definition of what a first time home buyer and who does and doesn't qualify for the credit. #3 Understanding that it trul...

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