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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides homeowners, builders and business owners with tax incentives for renewable energy - including PV solar.  I understand that to some of us, it's all about the environment and what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.  But to most people,...
Does having a professional license really matter?  That all depends on who you ask.  Of course, it matters to those who have the license.  We know what it took to earn the license, certification and designation...  the hours of study, the money invested, and the knowledge gained.  But does it mat...
In our local, state and federal government's push to go green, many are suggesting and even implementing green retrofit requirements.  These incentives will require sellers to retrofit things like low flow toilets, low-e windows, upgraded insulation, etc, etc.  Many Realtors and sellers are cryin...
In the words of George Washington Carver, "There is no waste in nature."  Humans, of course, are the exception.  We love waste.  It makes us feel important and successful.  It is a sign to everyone that we have more than we need, more than we want and more than we could possibly use.  I remember ...
The new hot product in the mattress industry, so the buzz goes, is going to be latex mattresses. At the industry shows I've attended over the last few years, latex mattresses are showing up more in more in bedding lines - with even the venerable Sealy now offering their own line of latex mattress...
As friends and family members move farther away from away from one another, having a guest room is becoming more and more important.  Offering your guests a place is stay is kind, but providing your guests with a wonderfully comfortable place to stay makes the visit even more special.  Treat your...
You may have heard model homes referred to as a "silent salesperson."  Ninety percent of today's buyers will look online before venturing out.  A typical buyer will view fifty homes, beginning online, and determine which homes they want to tour.  When a buyer walks through the door of your model ...
Full Service Realtor® - What does it really mean?  "Full Service" means different things to different people.  To some it may refer to the number of services offered, while to others it refers to the level of service provided.  I believe that most consumers perceive full service as a promise of q...
Thanks to those of you that contacted me!  It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to creating wonderful opportunities for success.  I am encouraged by the professionalism and enthusiasm of Atlanta's real estate community. 
Do you need a professional, experienced interior designer, decorator and home stager on your concierge list?  Having moved to Canton this past year, I am building my referral list and I would like the opportunity to include you.  Please check out my Active Rain site to see if you and/or your clie...

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Author Bio: Tracy Coles has a strong background in New Construction Management, Model Home Merchandising and Home Staging. She is THE North Metro Atlanta Luxury Home Specialist.