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Here in Virginia Beach and practically the rest of the east coast we are bracing ourselves for a pretty intense hurricane. There is an important thing that needs to be remembered as you prepare yourself and family for this storm. Unfortunately it happens almost every hurricane season. Deaths whi...
As a home seller in Virginia Beach there are some things you can do before the home inspector arrives. Some of these items allow for speedier inspection, and others are some maintenance items that are good to take care of ahead of time. If you are a selling a home in Virginia Beach or anywhere el...
The P-trap If you have ever taken a quick peek under any of the sinks in your house you have seen the curved piece of pipe which is the p-trap. So what exactly is that piece of pipe there for and what does it do for you? When you use your sink or tub and allow the water to go down the drain it is...
Now I do not confess to be any sort of guru at using social media. I do however try to learn about new or even more established social media platforms that may be useful in communicating or marketing with clients and Realtors. There are a lot of Realtors around Hampton Roads that use Facebook or ...
There are a lot of different types of home inspection reporting systems out there for a home inspector to choose from these days. There are checklists, narrative, handwritten, and computer generated reports. Each inspector chooses what works best for him and it is up to a client to find out if th...
There are so many different components around a house that many homeowners may not understand what something is or what its function may be. I thought maybe a series on what some of the different components around a house are and what they do could help to answer some homeowner questions. Perform...
Something that seems to go into many home inspection reports is the fact that a rain gutter downspout is missing an extension. Maybe it was never installed or it got damaged during yardwork and was never replaced. Whatever the cause, missing extensions on your downspouts can lead to many differen...
Doing home inspections in Virginia Beach it is a good chance that at least a couple time a week I will be venturing into a crawlspace. Crawlspaces are host to a large number of conditions that may cause issues with a house. They are known for the nasty discoveries that home inspectors find there....
Safe House Property Inspections of Virginia Beach is offering a 10 percent discount on all Hampton Roads home inspections for Police, Fire, and Military service personnel.
A Virginia Beach home inspection is designed to describe visually the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. This video shows some of the conditions found during home inspections in Hampton Roads, and why it is so important to hire a home inspector.     Information about your Virgin...

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