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Virginia Beach home inspector from Safe House Property Inspections wants to emphasize the SAFE in SAFE HOUSE and remind everyone that this is fire prevention week.  
There is a word tossed around during real estate transactions from time to time when a home inspector calls out certain issues. The word is “grandfathered.” grandfathered in adj. refers to continued use of property as it was when restrictions or zoning ordinances were adopted. I don’t know about ...
In this “What Is This In My House” we are going to review the gas water heater. During home inspections in Virginia Beach there are different types of water heaters that I will see. There are electric water heaters, tankless water heaters, and of course the topic of today's discussion, the gas fi...
When you hire a home inspector in Virginia Beach make sure you are getting value for the price you pay. Safe House Property Inspection offers home purchase peace of mind in so many different ways. What are you getting with your Virginia Beach home inspection?  
OK, it's not what you think. You see them coming from the backside of most house. Those white pipes, but not always, that protrude from the roof. These are the plumbing vents, and they play a crucial role in the plumbing system. So what do these vents do for you exactly? When you walk up to your ...
One of my most important tools as a home inspector in Virginia Beach is my camera. Well recently as I uploaded pictures after an inspection I always seem to have a few that I did not anticipate being there. So I asked my kids if they have been using dad's inspection camera. Of course I get the bi...
My home inspection reports have MAINTENANCE items in many of the different sections. These are basically FYI's for homeowners to remember in order for them to keep their home in good shape. One of the items that needs to be MAINTAINED are the air filters in the returns for the HVAC system. It is ...
Last time I talked about missing insulation on attic kneewalls and how that allowed heat to radiate into your home from the hot attic. So sticking with the topic of insulation I thought I would discuss something that I see on almost every home inspection in Virginia Beach, almost every. Pull down...
Occasionally during home inspections in Hampton Roads I will find the following conditions pictured here. What we have here are attic kneewalls and skylight chases where there was no insulation installed or it has fallen out of its intended location. So know you have an attic where temperatures c...

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