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These pictures were taken in a crawlspace during a home inspection in Norfolk. There has been a lot of moisture intrusion through this foundation wall. The dark moist conditions were perfect for the growth of what you see here, MUSHROOMS.      This was an easy diagnosis. This was the only part of...
On this Virginia Beach home inspection the first picture was taken up on the roof. You can see a little bit of shingle damage, and a small hole. What's the big deal with a little shingle damage? The pictures below are the result of the small hole in the roof.  Many times on a home inspection the ...
During home inspections in Virginia Beach I will make note of the sizes and location of return filters when possible. These filters are designed to protect the motor and internal components of the furnace from airborne particles and dust.  These days there are filters that can be purchased that c...
Emergency Utility Shutoffs  When I perform a home inspection in Virginia Beach one thing I do is to take a picture to include in the home inspection report of the shut off device for the utilities. In an emergency this can save a homeowner a lot of headaches, and money in repairs. Gas Shutoffs   ...
One of the things I do as I go through a house during a home inspection is turn on the bathroom ventilation fans. This helps me to check the connections once I am in the attic. There are a number of issues with vent installations that are usually found. Many times improper materials are used and ...
Many times when I come across an issue during a home inspection it will be the beginning of the trail of things to come. This short video of a Virginia Beach home inspection illustrates this point. A failure at the roof was the begining of the trail to more damage below.     Make sure you have a ...
Do you think that the lack of gutters on a home is a defect or just a personal choice? Many feel that gutters affect the aesthetic appeal of their homes. It doesn’t matter if they were never installed or removed on an older home due to renovations and not replaced there are issues to consider whe...
Anti-tip devices are used to stop freestanding ranges from tipping over.  Although I rarely find them during a home inspection I will always recommend them in my report. Usually they will attach the rear leg of the range to the floor or wall. When the door to the oven is open there is the chance ...
For new homeowners one of the most important things to understand is that things can and will eventually go wrong. All homes will break down, wear out, leak, and deteriorate over time. You get a home inspection to get a snapshot of the condition of the home prior to your purchase.  You and your ...
  Roof repairs gone wild found while taking a stroll on a roof during a Virginia Beach home inspection.  

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