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I went to get my mail the other day, and taped to the mailbox was an offer to have my house number painted on the curb the following day. Now I know this is probably something we all never give a second thought. Why would you, you move in and they are wherever the prior owner decided to put them,...
It is really cold here in Virginia Beach, and has been for a number of days. OK, for everyone from up north, I mean really cold for Virginia Beach.  I know for a lot of us our first instinct is to crank up the furnace. The problem is when you crank it up you can tend to forget about it. With heat...
I actually started this last evening before we lost power. Power is back on so I can post yesterday’s thoughts. The storm continues to pass over Hampton Roads slowly leaving behind record rainfall. As the winds are blowing and the rain is falling, our homes are slowly being put to the test. These...
So here I go. This is my first post here at Active Rain, and I want to start with a question. What gives? I guess an introduction is in order first though. I am Troy Pappas from the lovely city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am a home inspector who is just starting to get his business up and goin...

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