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I thought this was a great article on the impacts of the Cap and Trade law passed by our House of Reps. Please Please Please call your Senators and express your position against this. It's not to late to stop it.   Scott SaghirianReal estate is local when it comes to market conditions and market ...
I am proud to announce that I have been selected as a new member to the Housing Committee of the Howard County BRAC task force. I am very honored to have the opportunity to serve the community in this way. I promise to work hard to protect the interests of the citizens of Howard County. Especiall...
It’s Friday so what the heck… Meet Sam, the ghost who is living in my blog. He showed up a few days ago, and has dropped in a few times since then. Look! He’s smiling so he must be harmless. As these stories always start… I never believed in ghosts before, but now I do! What’s that you are saying...
These pictures were taken by me last night during the lunar eclipse. When I first decided to explore the universe of blogging I knew it would enhance my business, and offer an adventure. I spent a lot of time and effort learning about blogging. I have since launched two blogs since December. I ev...
This morning I received the sixth issue of the Maryland Trends in Housing report written by MRIS and Delta Associates. This report provides an in-depth look at the issues that shape the Mid-Atlantic housing Market. The Housing Trends Report includes an analysis of the following key topics: An ana...
After many hours online with AT&T and Top Producer there’s finally a solution for your sync problems.   Much thanks goes to Top Producer for getting to the bottom of this problem and coming up with a solution with their AT&T Blackberry and the Top Producer Mobility product. Apparently there were ...

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