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Recently I wrote an offer on a home that took quite a bit of work before making the offer. The seller, which happened to be a bank, required that all inspections be done before the offer was made. At first, I thought of what an inconvenience it was to have the property inspected early. However, t...
Recently we have seen REO agents requiring that inspections be made on properties before offers are presented. What are your thoughts on this? The buyer has to invest $300 - $400 for a home inspection just to determine whether to move forward. During the time of inspections other offers may come ...
Banks listen to those who are prepared. Look at it from their side. Is the package complete? Are we marketing the property at current market conditions? What can we do to have a successful experience not only for the bank, but most importantly for the public. As difficult as Short Sales are, I st...
On the evening of April 27th, 2011 literally hundreds of tornadoes hit the southeast. Many have lost their lives. At our home, we were fortunate to actually watch the radar to see the storms go to the north and south. But what if we were not so fortunate? What if today I found myself digging thro...
Making a wise choice to purchase while we can is critical these days. Interest rates have never been lower and the deals are everywhere. But it is very important to understand the process. Short Sale: The process a seller applies for when they are facing hardship in meeting their resposibility wi...
Today, while visiting with a buyer, I was reminded of the importance of knowing just a few terms that circulate in the real estate world. This particular buyer stated that they were looking for short sales only because they were such a great deal and they loved the featured that they were "short"...
Isn't it amazing that in the negotiation process one party decides to take on the posture of being in battle? During these days, when a buyer comes along to make an offer, they are your friend. "But they are making such a low offer on my home!", you may say. First, as difficult as it may seem. Th...
I have a buyer who wants to put an offer in on a condo that only needs appliances and carpet and then the county will issue a "certificate of occupancy". The unit is owned by the FDIC and of course they will not put in the needed items to finish the deal. I have been to several lenders and they t...
Here's a simple solution to this wild mess our industry is in. It is simple and probably has all kinds of bullet holes, but here is a shot. Buyers have bought into believing they cannot qualifyLenders are losing due to negotiating prices way below mortgage balances.Foreclosures will continue to t...
Now that I am back out there showing buyers around, I had to get prepared. Through the years I always have taught my agents that their car should be their office. Be sure it's clean and has ample room for the buyer's needs. Well, I thought I had it all together until recently when a potential sel...

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