I am hearing more and more that Real Estate Agents are being viewed as car salesman.  I don't know about you but I haven't invested my time and money in an industry that I love to be viewed to prospective clients as a "car salesman".  I know that the market is tough and we have to work even harde...
The smell of fresh coffee? The kids? The alarm clock? Stress? Work? Animals? For me it is the joy of living! It wasn't always that way. I use to hate getting up....couldn't find one good reason to do it. Then I decided to change my life and the way I viewed it!! Today, I am happy, alive, greatful...
At some point in time we have all come to that moment in our lives that no matter what we do we find ourselves stuck at a red light.  Understanding how to change that light to green is important not just in business but in life as well.Here are a few tips that I have adopted to help change the re...

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