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A Tale of Two Builders Nashville was hit with a devastating flood at the beginning of May.  No one really understood the depth of what happened for days afterwards.  Some people couldn't get out of their neighborhoods, this blogger included, to know what we would all be up against as a community...
A Must Read to put on your list+ an addendum   For those of us who are Seth Godin fans,  is his latest book and a great one!  It speaks to everyone and the artist within us.  I've never considered myself an artist, not being musically inclined, not being able to draw a crooked line on purpose or...
    When you hear the words Buy Local, have you ever thought about how you can impact your local community by buying local?   When you buy local, you're keeping the money in your own back yard so to say.  The local merchant you frequent will take that same money and spend it locally by putting it...
Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope it's been fun and safe so far and will continue to be.     I've gathered information from MLS to give you a brief overview of home sale activity in our neighborhood for the past six months compared to the same time frame last year-January 1-July 3.    This yea...
  First time buyer seminars are held on an on-going basis to help the new home buyer with the exciting, confusing yet rewarding accomplishment of buying their first home.  There's a large segment that seems to be unnoticed much of the time and that's the first time seller. There are many great on...
Then In "the good ol' days" back in 2005-2006, it wasn't uncommon to see a home in your neighborhood go on the market and sell within the first few days.  The kicker was that many of those folks were just testing the market and it worked!  Those days are behind us now but what's happening isn't s...
Playing hometown tourist in Nashville is a blast!  You know how you can live in a city all of your life and not know much about it?  Well, that changed last weekend for me.  We visited The Parthenon which is an exact replica of the original in Greece.  Located in Centennial Park, named that becau...

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