Having been a mortgage banker for my entire career the question of bailing out consumers from delinquent morgages and thrusting it on the backs of those who responsibly took their obligations seriously is a dilemna many of us are facing today.  Your opinion is important. Take a moment and leave y...
We live in the greatest country in the world. We have freedom/equality and peace. Now with so much up for stake coming this election the only solution would be a vote of honest conscience.Have you ever sat back and thought what life would be like in a country where you would be afraid to make you...
Beginning Monday many of the major mortgage servicers are ready to start taking your locks on the higher loan limits recently established.  Being prepared for this sweeping change will put you in the front.  What I was currently quoting as jumbo now opens a new arena for clients being able to aff...
With Februarys report of 7.3% of mortgages delinquent, in default or foreclosure will you do the right thing for your client reducing some commission you would have made on a higher sale? As real estate and lending professionals we all have a responsibility to our clients that they recieve the be...
VHDA will be making their sweeping changes 4/1/08.  If you don't have your reservation in by that time and have been pre approved for a program they will be discontinuing you will lose that program.  VHDA having recent struggles of their own raising bond money will be requiring 3% down on their C...

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