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There was a former Vegas stripper caught moving into homes inthe Gig Harbor Area . She was initially busted busted for posing as a renter in a rental home in the highly desireable view community of Kopachuck. Bree Dallas is her name , WHO had only been out of jail a few weeks before she was caugh...
Have you every thought about people who are not animal lovers. Is it just irony that in a time when some many house holds that require 2 incomes and don't have children have pets? Did you know that research has been don that shows for older people having a pet has shown to keep this population he...
I wanted to share an experience I had with all of you here on active rain .(This gentleman and his wife are both professionals , they come from a different culture, and were unaware of how agency works in the US until I explained it to them)In May of 08 I had a gentleman and his wife call on a li...
People are wondering if Green building is truly something new . Being the owner of a green remodeled home that has a electric bill of $18.00 and a gas bill of $29.00 I will tell you it is different . If what you spend on utilities matters to you than a  Green home might be the ticket. When I look...
I am asking for a very simple favor with no cost involved, other than a few moments of your time. Hailey Schweinberg is an amazing little girl.  She lost her brother 7 years ago to his congenital heart defects.  The family started the Jason Schweinberg Memorial Classic in order to raise money to ...
In a world where we are seeing gas approach $4.00/ gal. and deisel at just shy of $5.00 a gallon , is it time we take stock in what we can do to gain control over what we spend not only gas for automobiles but also for utilities? My husband is a certified green builder and we just gutted and remo...
   Subject:    Animal rescue food fund    Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neg...
being that I am very visual, I too find it much more interesting to read blogs with Photos. I am relatively new at blogging , So if I post a blog about an area and then load photos of amentites or neighborhoods or commmunities inthat area I would want to be cetain to include the area name as well...
Its good to know that as a novice or apprentice blogger there is more to it than quantity to wracking up points. I struggle with that concept as I always try to treat people the way I would want to be treated. In my ind this means more substance and less fluff. Our days spin at a pretty fast pace...
 As much of the country faces a continuous decline in the real estate market I would like to shed some positive light on the subject .Gig Harbor is located approx 30 Miles southwest of the Seattle Tacoma airport . and 6 miles west of down town Tacoma. It was initially founded as a fishing villiag...

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