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 Kayak and Canoe Launch in Perdido Key, FL                     This park is perfect for your kayak or canoe trips!  This launch takes you on the ole river/ perdido bay side.  The area is very safe and absolutely gorgeous.                    It's only a short walk from the car to the launch.      ...
    Lost Key Community and Golf Course in Perdido Key, FL      Hole 17 at Lost Key Golf Course&View from the Condos at Lost Key                                                                                           Hole 17&Perdido Bay/ Ole River views             Golf Course view from the Vill...
  What You DON'T Know CAN Hurt You When Applying For a Mortgage    Are you familiar with the saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you?"     According to the  "Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs", it's derived from the saying ... "So long as I know it not, it hurteth mee not" ... first seen in lite...
YouTube Thursdays - Making Videos Worth Watching    Let's face it, entertainment is quite subjective. We all have different tastes.  That's why it is so important to really understand your target demographic(s) and what type of video will appeal to them.  Videos for our "Rural homes and estates"...
  One of many gorgeous Florida Alabama Gulf Coast Sunsets    How lucky are we to call this place home?!     Perdido KeyPensacola FL 32507    Cyndi Cook 850-281-0293 or 251-200-1536 Licensed in Florida & AlabamaFlorida Alabama Homes For Sale - Vacation Rentals   Hi, my name is Cyndi Cook who is lo...
The words you use in a blog post, on a web page, or in an email are often the first impression your prospect has of you. As such, they’re important. Among other things, they tell that prospect whether you’re a professional; whether you’re a likeable person; whether you might be someone they can ...
  Most of my posts end with “Just a thought for the moment.”  This one begins with it! Direct Mail Marketing is always a thought in my mind. I’m either thinking about a new theme for my next Free Market Analysis postcard or thinking about the postcards for the change of status listings from the ...
Now that I am "retired" there is so much I want to say to new agents!   This is not intended to be a negative "you can't succeed" post but rather a "time to get real and focused" post. A real estate license isn't a blank check. Not every real estate agent that drives a fancy new car is loaded.  ...
What brings people to the Florida Alabama Gulf Coast.  When you come to the area to vacation or visit family or find that dream home you saw online, what is the first thing on your do to list?  What is the deciding factor when asking yourself, why do I want to call the Florida Alabama Gulf Coast,...
Blue Angel Practice Shows in Pensacola, FL   Beginning in March each year, you can see them practice Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings at 11:30 am. After practice on certain Wednesdays, visitors and locals can meet the pilots, take photos with them and even get their autographs.  Practices and meet...

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