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Hi everyone! Just a heads up that I have switched from the franchise market of real estate to the high end boutique scene. I am very excited to have the comfort of a tight group of Agents and Brokers working together in this market. We are working for the people and for ourselves as opposed to promoting a corporation. Hoping to bring back the Mom and Pop philosophy of business into the Real Estate market. Would love to hear from other agents if they have made this change as well.
Not like anyone really needs to read more about how much snow we are getting here in the Sierras but I thought I would make a comment on two issues that I strongly believe that Realtors should address.1.) Shovel! Plow! Whatever... I had a couple have to walk through 3 feet of snow while I shovele...
Okay- bought, love it, but am questioning if there is a program that will allow me to search the MLS while on the road. ANy great tips out there for fellow apple/iphone Realtors??? Love that you can photograph homes and email higher mg images to clients--I know there are programs out there for th...
The neverending question of PC vs Apple. I personally have used MAC since 93 but used it for Photoshop,illustrator , and such. I purchased my first PC a few years ago since I could not run the aMLS on the MAC platform. I hate having to go to my home opffice to do all my graphic work and then use ...
I am representing the buyer and he would like the furnishings included in the short sale. Now I am aware that the lender does not deal with personal property but I would think they would want the monies from the sale of furnishings if they are taking less than what is owed. I also do not want to ...
Wondering if anyone has knowledge as to the health risks associated with living next door to a city well pump. The building has a constant hum similiar to the sound of an outdoor hot tub. At times a louder cooling fans turns on for brief periods. There are also two box 6 foot box like structures ...
Although I have done several hydrological studies where I have accepted the depths achieved on  neighboring parcels , I recently realised that this in some cases may be foolish. I recently received an additional 3 feet on a parcel - more than the neighboring parcel. WHy is any ones guess , but it...
Tahoe Regional Planning agency has received legimate flack over the last few years for being difficult to deal with. Gary and Linda and  a few others have gone along way to reversing this public persona. Not only are they patient with the endless stream of clients that are totally unprepared , th...
Land Tips - Coverage is gold in Lake Tahoe. When buying land it is important to realise that the actual size of the parcel from  the TRPA is only an estimate. On one parcel I was dealing with recently the survey was so far off that the new owners ended up gaining 500sqft of coverage. tjhe survey ...
Can an agent offer an xxx amount to a seller to buy his property without disclosing all the value of the property? I had a fellow agent ask me this question. She thought that it was not ethical to personally buy a home from someone and not let them know that there is hidden value in their propert...
We have a client that is interested in purchasing a non listed commercial parcel that values at about 30+ million. Here is the question... at what point does one start working and what contract should one initiate to formulate this working partnership. Should the Realtor be paid for all of his in...

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