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Interest Rates and Home Values in Seattle   Interest rates and home values are two things that can go hand in hand.  I recently had two clients in Seattle, WA that I had pre approved for buying their first home in May, and they diligently looked at homes in the area that they wanted within the pr...
Seattle Home Financing Resource In the past 6 years, the mortgage process has definitely become more challenging, and it demands more from the mortgage originator and the borrower. Borrowing money for a home purchase is still very realistic for millions of Americans, but one of the most critical ...
  So when you can you get a mortgage after a short sale? People often ask me for this information so I thought I’d post it. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it if necessary. Conventional Loan   ·                  7 years if borrower puts less than 10% down   ·                  4 years ...


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