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Real estate brokers and recent purchasers are asking a lot of questions about the recent national news about invalid foreclosure sales.   Perhaps I can help to reduce the stress and uncertainty.   The questions are coming from prior purchasers who are now worried about what they should do in resp...
A very recent Washington Supreme Court decision focuses on when separate property may become community property.  It requires everyone in the real estate business to reconsider what they think they know about community property in Washington. Some lawyers are reacting with comments that this deci...
There are now a lot of listings that are REO sales.   Those are Real Estate Owned by the prior lender, after that lender became the "successful" bidder at its foreclosure sale.  REO Sellers are not normal sellers.  If you are a selling agent negotiating a purchase of REO property, you should be p...
This morning I randomly picked a new order for a standard coverage owner's policy, to find out how the purchaser chose only the standard coverage policy.  I wrote to the selling agent and asked if the purchasers were asked if they wanted the improved coverage provided by the Homeowner's Policy.  ...
Should you accept a Quitclaim Deed after a foreclosure sale? Many purchasers these days are receiving title by a quitclaim deed.  Some purchasers think they are getting warranties of the condition of title because the deed forms have a different name.  However, most of these people are usually no...
Two real estate brokers recently asked me almost the same question about how to change "The Title" to real property.  I have answered this many times.  Perhaps this public answer may help many. The first question was about a bank employee's request to a man to get a deed from an ex-wife.  The Div...
In May, 2009, Washington Governor Gregoire signed a new Washington Bill that would further expand the rights of registered domestic partners.  On August 31st, Referendum 71 was certified, that blocked the July 26th effective date and required the public to ratify the 2009 laws. You and your custo...
Many customers ask me how they can describe the differences between the standard coverage owner's policy and the new Homeowner's Policy.   Maybe this will help make that complex answer somewhat easier to understand. In the Puget Sound area around Seattle, the purchasers of residential real proper...

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