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It is strange looking back - the whole reason I went into real-estate was to sell farm and ranchland, and I have done a 360 - now back where I had wanted to be three years ago. I have now officially moved my license to The Land Company, where I will be able to market and sell farm and ranchland i...
Well, it has been too long.  I am officially chastising myself publically for not blogging as much as I would like.  However, many great things happening and many more to come. I have joined a new company - Quantum Realty - and am very excited about the opportunities coming online.  Details will ...
Have you ever experienced diriving out in the lanes on The Mesa in Pueblo?  About this time of year (Spring) it is quite a beautiful experience.  Houses with big yards and green grass, green fields, and bright flowers surround each other in this agricultural area.   I have listed a property on G...
I have grown up and lived in Pueblo, Colorado nearly my whole life.  I grew up on 36th lane - which is considered "The County" or "The Mesa".  This area is east of town, about 7 miles - near the Arkansas River. Every day would include a "trip to town" - a quick 10 or 15 minute drive to get to the...
The last two months have been rather hectic with major changes in my life and career.  It is Monday and I am feeling good about catching up on everything that I love, but have just not dedicated myself to lately. My brother (Clifton Casida) and I have switched companies, we are now at Rowland Rea...
After the past two months of utter chaos between real estate school, my marketing business, and a double-load with the Masters program I am in, I find myself looking forward to my first weekend of freedom.  Through the past two months I have been abused my brain and my body, probably having some ...
It is raining and the sky is overcast - this is a beautiful day.  The rain has a wonderful way of washing away what is wrong and bringing to light what is right.  Although there was a tragedy yesterday in our country, today we wake up to a new day with not only questions, but expectations and hop...

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