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Create Content or DieThe lesson in this post is about the need for creating content if you plan to survive online in 2010 and beyond. In order to understand this new market driver, we need to take a peek into market trends and history. MLS.Google.comGoogle has made Google real estate part of Goo...
Eric Lofholm How to Sell in the New Economy I recently interviewed Eric Lofholm who is a Master Sales Trainer who has trained tens of thousands of sales professionals nationwide. As a top-producing sales representative for 3 different sales organizations his consistent track record of regularly o...
The real estate depression recession whatever. I found a guy who is doing deals despite the fact that he is in the eye of the storm in Florida. Chris Curry has found a simple system to transact sales. He gave me twenty minutes of his time to record some of his ideas that are making sales right n...
Facts tell stories sell. We buy with emotion and justify with logic.Use emotion to sell the reasons to buy real estate today. Go to Positive Real Estate to get both the facts and the stories to help you to influence your buyers in this marketplace.
Majoring in Minors Your Search engine ranking positions are always what might be. Your server logs/analytics are what are who might be interested. Your lead counts are who would like to get to know you better. Your Signed Contracts are only a potential sale. Only a closed escrow puts food on the...
Next year there will be 2.3 million weddings in the US, at an average cost of $30,000 (we have helped increase the average this year considerably). That is $72 billion on weddings. And many of those new families start with the need to find a place to live, furnish a home, and build their nest. 4...
Some big stuff going on in HouseBlogger. First can you use subliminal seduction to gain more favor with your prospective clients? Is it even real? And what does a mind virus have to do with blogs and more importantly branding. Microblogs. BS? A waste of time? OR the next big thing? Do you tweet r...
From Recession to Boom Dave Lakhanihttp://www.boldapproach.comListen to the whole interview to discover a secret link on Dave's website that contains a ton of free gifts for you. Like an interview with industry great Seth Godin.(get the online player at my blog-AR would not post it)What does Jimm...
Thanks to Allen for pointing people to the killer interview that we did with Stefan Swanepoel about how the newsmakers of last year will affect 2008. It is all part of their promotion for their New Trends Report. Allen has a deal of 20% off, while Stefan is offering free shipping. So see what wor...
 I want to give high fives to Robert Lockard for his insistence to prove that the market is not so bad. Yah we are feeling it for sure as it is an adjustment not a crash. Transactions are happening. NAR just mentioned that the year of 2007 was the fifth highest ever. So I aplaude Robert for not b...

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