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I' d Rather take listings but In this market One has to work with buyers as well. I'm currently working with a VA buyer and found a new listing that was just right for him. Talked to the agent and she says the property can't be shown yet. I take my customer by the house and we write up a full pri...
OK I'm currently completing BPOs for three companies. I'm starting to hear about companies that don't pay and some that are paying to low.  I'm a big boy and I can take the heat. Tell me what you know about Evalonline.com I've done 16 BPOs for them in the past two months and now I'm thinking I ma...
Did you know Menifee California had a home buyer incentive plan as part of it's business stimulus plan. The plan has been in effect for 9 months and I don't know of anyone who knew about it before today. The buyer of a newly constructed  home in Menifee will receive a $500 visa debit card and the...
I held an open house on a beautiful home with a golf course view. I took th open house because I knew this was a popular neighborhood and It was located near a busy street. On Saturday and Sunday I had so many visitors I couldn't keep up with registration. Some folks did leave their name but not ...
It's a strange title I know. I use d to think Realtors were a free wheeling group who played golf a lot and went to work late and went home early. after all customers came to them. Now that I am a Realtor I know it isn't true. Of course this is the most depressed home market ever. Money is tight ...
In this unsual market buying a home isn't as easy as making an offer and expecting it to be accepted. There is a  shortage of inventory and buyers far outnumber the homes for sale in South Western  Riverside County. Even buyers with all cash are being overlooked by sellers looking to get the most...
How many times have I heard by customers that this is a buyer's market. They see on the TV  that the banks are flooding the market with forclosed homes. They see so many "for sale" signs and they think that means the sellers are willing to give away the houses. In reality there aren't enough hous...
All real estate agents aren't equal. Before you begin working with an agent you should get to know them before they take you to  look at properties. I will list some of the things that set a good agent apart frol all the others. Make sure he or she is a member of the National Association of Realt...

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