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My goal is to provide information on topics of interest concerning the health, and best use of trees needing to be removed. We are focused on the complete recycling of trees that require removal. From mill timber to firewood, and then to the wood chips, we get every possible use of the tree. We are a full service tree company serving Bellingham and all of beautiful Whatcom County.
Calvary Chapel Northwest of Bellingham WA, just North of Laurel on the Guide Meridian, is having the garage sale of sales April 28th, starting at 7:30am. Over a hundred families participating in bringing all sorts of great stuff. If you are looking for something, it will probably be there.  Come ...
DigLynden Tree Service was asked to come and help a friend from church, over in Ferndale WA, knock down a few hazardous birch trees.  Randy had done a great job cleaning his wooded area since I was there a couple years ago helping with some dead trees that needed knocked down, but there were a fe...
  Hi Lori,  Thank you for the opportunity to compete for the tree service you need done. Here is how I see the work: The trimming upfront will consist of limbing up the cedars at the corner of the house to the roof peak height.  The two Alders will be dismantled to ground level. The Cedar will b...
We love rototilling in Bellingham, WA and Whatcom County, and getting our customers soil ready for planting! Of course we do lots of rototilling in our home town of Lynden. DigLynden Tree and Tractor Services began providing professional tree removal services in 2004.  We now have expanded our sc...
Diglynden Tree Service is constantly producing tons of woodchips doing tree service in Bellingham WA and Whatcom County.   My name is Tim Bento, Diglynden Tree Service started in 2004 bringing professional tree service and reasonable prices to the City of Bellingham WA and all of Whatcom County. ...
Deaths and Mortality (Data are for the U.S. and are final 2009 data; For the most recent preliminary data seeDeaths: Preliminary Data for 2010  [PDF - 724 KB])   Number of deaths: 2,437,163 Death rate: 793.8 deaths per 100,000 population Life expectancy: 78.5 years Infant Mortality rate: 6.39 dea...
So I read on the Light House Missions FB a couple of weeks ago that when one of their guest gets back on track they need furniture and house hold stuff for their new home.  I had been thinking about trying to find a way to give things to people who may not have a lot of money. About two years ago...
Pretty interesting day at Meritime Heritage Park bringing hope and a little nurishment to the homeless.  We got to the Meritime Heritage Park around 12:30, Sabrina was the first to pull up into the parking lot next to us. Then Lou came walking up Holly. It was good to see them both.  As we were s...
Please allow me and my wife to adopt your baby. We will love him or her with all are hearts, and if the day comes that you would like to be a part of their lives, you will be welcomed.
I wrote down the questions that were asked of me.  They demand follow up to understand the level of skill I possess in the business development environment.   How will you find business? By interviewing each partner and being involved in business opportunity meetings with clients the understandin...

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We don't always recommend the tree be removed. It's nice to have enough tree service work that you can give an objective opinion about the removal of trees.