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I do not know if this means anything but it is interesting to hear that some banks and businesses like Citibank and GE are saying that they have better than expected quarterly  earnings and that we are into the 5th straight week of a stronger market on Wall street. That some of these banks with t...
How is the Real Estate market in New Rochelle, NY you must look at the absorption rate for single family houses. The current absorption rate in New Rochelle, NY for single family houses that match the criteria of 3 and 4 bedroom 1and 2 bathroom houses is 58.69 weeks per unit.  Here is the math.  ...
My friends that is my question and my dilemma.  I decided to get my New York State license in 2006 after my daughter was born; at the time I thought it would be a great way to earn a little extra money to help make ends meet.   I made a few sales and a few listings within my first year and the ex...
I do not know if anyone watched Chris Mathews speak with Jim Kramer from Mad Money about the economy and the G20 in London.  They were basically saying that it is possible that the worst of the financial crisis and recession is behind us and that we are starting to turn the corner.  They also sai...
Being a new agent I am always trying to come up with unique ways to market my listings.  So the other day I was on eBay and I looked up real estate.  I was wondering does anyone know anything about using EBay as a lead generating system?  A few years back I used to use eBay to sell fly fishing it...
Last week I just finished the CBR course (Certified Buyers Representative).  I found it very informative and since I am a new agent I will try and put what I learned into practice.  Being in this profession for 1 year I can see the advantages of being a CBR.  However I have been told that if you ...

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