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Settlement Services information of value involving technology tips, tricks and things you can use.
Your signature -- I am starting to see that a silent majority of professionals are starting to use the signature capability of emails today.  Place your closing signature line at the end of your email automatically. First, it makes you look more professional with all your contact information, ema...
Sometimes I write out e-mails ahead of time, but don't want to send them until a later date. Is that possible? Have you ever had the need to just send it later? What am I talking about? Well, e-mails of course! Sometimes situations occur where you need to type an e-mail out right away, but it doe...
Nothing can be more frustrating when something happens to your PC files -- I know, MAC users will chime in here but this is for the PC user. Take the time to simply export your outlook email files and your address book. It's not hard -- Start Outlook, click on "file", click on "Import and Export"...
PropertyShark has public record data and so much more available to Real Estate Professionals.  There data covers a variety of major metropolitan areas -- click here for a list of the counties and states they have data for. Click on a state Enter an address and get a free property report. Simple t...
Here is a different angle working your geographic farm... Contact your local title company or go to popular data sites and request a farm within the geographic area you work.  Ask for all the HOMEOWNERS that have lived in their house for 25 YEARS OR MORE! These homeowners are probably never going...
There are a variety of places you can go to purchase a domain name today.  I use GoDaddy or Register because the simplicity of managing my domains.  This post covers five things you need to think about prior to purchasing your domain.  I recommend that you: 1) Buy only a ".com" and don't trouble ...
SB133 in California was approved by the Senate on August 21 and by the Assembly on August 13.  Under the provisions of SB133, title insurance sales representatives would register with the California Department of Insurance.  These sales resp would be subject to suspension by the department in the...
A New Way to Restart Did you know that a modern PC with Windows Vista Home Edition takes about one and a half minutes to boot up? An older machine with Windows XP is about the same. That's 30 seconds for the PC itself (the BIOS) to start up, plus one minute for the Windows operating system to beg...
Click What? Here's a quick one for you! When you're working on your computer, how many times a day do you run across something that tells you to right click? I know we use that phrase in our computer tips all the time and I'm always seeing it on different Web sites as well. It seems like an easy ...
One of the great things about the browsers today is when you print a page off the Internet, it will print a header and footer.  The header and footer usually have the website name, actual url website location that was printed, date and page number printed. Great for referring to if you are using ...

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