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Settlement Services information of value involving technology tips, tricks and things you can use.
Maximize It Already! It can be frustrating when you open your browser and it's too small.  You then have to go to the top right corner and click on the maximize button to make the screen larger.  It gets old and here are two tricks. In Internet Explorer, open a new window and for now, make sure i...
Here is a quick technical tip - We frequently have to fill out forms like a user name and password or enter in address, city, state, zip and you can click on each field to begin typing the appropriate information.  Use the TAB key to move from field to field. The next trick is to use the SPACEBAR...
It's back to school time and our children's safety is on top of mind as they start heading off to school. Parents are filling out registration cards or emergency numbers for the school. Think about offering a FREE fingerprinting kit that parents can use to tuck away in the event of an emergency. ...
I heard a powerful statistic today -- 50% of your web site audience FALLS OFF after every click they make on your web site!  How much work is it for a visitor to find the listings they are looking for or to find the home valuation they are looking for? Think about that and look at your web site -...
Do you know when you have to change your clocks?.  Do we have to turn the clock forward or backward?  Is it October or November? Be the first to tell your farm -- put a post card out with your branding reminding your homeowners that it is time to "fall back" and turn the clocks back an hour on th...
The holidays are coming and you can take advantage of them working your farm area. You know the homeowners in your farm. You know the Non-Owner occupied properties in your farm area as investors that may own multiple properties.  You know those homeowners in your farm area that have been in there...
How many times have you seen it -- a wasted opportunity.  When buyers scan listings on any of the syndicated sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Cybehomes, Trulia and other real estate websites, if they aren't impressed with the photos in THREE SECONDS, they "bounce" and click onto the next listing. ...
Inconsistent Follow-Up. How many of you have an automated follow-up program for your business? You have to WORK on this everyday -- Make time or calendar time to make sure that emails are being answered and put into an action plan of emails or an email campaign.  Make sure your listing alerts tha...
Cyberhomes reports with data provided by Great Schools that Bernardo Yorba Middle School has a ranking of 9 out of 10!  This gives an overview of this school's test results, and is based on a comparison of test results for all schools in the state. Some School Facts for the school that serves the...
Active Rain is great and I learn a lot to work with my customers.  But ask yourself, what do your customers want to know?  With nearly 25% of buyers relocating to other communities, schools and neighborhood information become more important the where the house is.  Your customers are looking at w...

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