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I used this application to make sure I have all my software serial numbers prior to me re-installing Windows XP with a clean install. You have to try this FREE service from Belarc Advisor.  Once you download the small program file, you get a report of your Computer Profile Summary.  The report i...
FastStone Photoresizer.  Think about adding a comment, some text or a watermark on photos you might post on your website or a local blog that adds your branding or allows you to get connected Add a watermark, crop, resize your photos -- a great little application.  Look up all your photos and bat...
How many times has it happened to you.  You get a PDF file from someone and you can't edit the PDF file.  You might want to make a simple change to use the document. I found a site called PDF to Word! I often need to edit PDF files that get sent to me.  Acrobat Professionals touch up text tool ca...
It's that time again to upgrade and get a new computer.  It used to be easy to look at the GHz numbers and make a selection.  Now we have Core 2 vs. Core 2 Duo.Back in the day buying a processor was as simple as looking at the megahertz or gigahertz and purchasing based on the bigger number. I kn...
The Title Insurance industry typically provided Property Profile and Farm information to Real Estate Professionals with their branding on them.  Title Companies can NO LONGER in California. Real Estate professionals wishing to have their photo, logo and property photos must now subscribe to syste...
I was working with a Real Estate Professional the other day and noticed that they were still using Internet Explorer 6.0 on their Windows XP PC.  Everything was working but they were missing out on the increased functionality of the browsers that are out there. How do you know what version?  Open...
You probably do all the time -- you make a selection or selections from a list box. A list box is basically an item by item list.  You have probably seen them when searching the Internet or in a computer program you've used.  A lot of email programs use a list box to display its list of messages....
How do you take a quick picture of your screen? You can use download shareware programs that have a lot of capability but what if you just want to capture the current screen or better yet the current open window?You just tap the PrtScn(print screen) button. This simple action copies a current ima...

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