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Everyone talks about search engine optimization and how you can move yourself higher on the list.  One way is to link out to other web sites and have others link to you.  This is commonly known as link popularity but you need to make sure you keep YOUR web site current with the links you have on ...
SB133 legislation has zeor tolerance for title professionals providing any value to real estate professionals in California.  This is the second action taken against smaller title companies in California but a wake up call for the Title Rep and the Real Estate Professionals involved. NEWS RELEASE...
Title Insurance rates are regulated by most states and their Department of Insurance departments. A title policy is a title policy, rates are rates and what differentiates a title company is the level of service, support and expertise to close those difficult transactions AND have the financial r...
The California Department of Insurance is serious about complying with SB133 legislation where NO value may be give to real estate professionals.  Here is one of their current press releases. NEWS RELEASE Commissioner Poizner Announces More Disciplinary Actions Under New Title Insurance Law Secon...
Think about it -- what do you see in your in-box before you delete that message -- You see the subject line and who it is from. Sending out periodic emails to your past clients or prospects is important and think about sending out your message with your name and/or company name in the subject lin...
Are you communicating with your contact database on a regular bases.  Everyone is capturing and communicating more and more with email and therefore you have a database of contacts and clients that you should be touching regularly.  Use the Holidays or recognized events throughout the year to rea...

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