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Gail - I hope this reblog helps plead your case and if anyone would like please go directly to Gail's post and reblog - spread the word After three years of filling out loan modification paperwork and sending it in, I was informed via a phone call today from Bank of America that my loan modificat...
Now is the time to help this family - there is much to be done and with our help this family can focus on the important things -  Clint Aaron MillerMarch 8, 1971 ~ December 11, 2011Many of you knew and loved Clint.  He fought valiantly, but lost his struggle with cancer today.  I am so thankful t...
Search For Riverfront Properties The Big Deschutes River is navigational by motor boat, it is the widest and deepest of all 4 rivers in most places.  The Big Deschutes River has private and public land along it’s banks.  Many of the homes located on The Big Deschutes River are located on what is ...
We all know that Central Oregon is known for the sunshine, the winters and the wonderful lifestyle so many want to enjoy.  Selling in the winter certainly brings some challenges that our Spring and Summer selling season does not.  Below is a list of things that every Central Oregon seller can do ...
I can not tell you the number of times a buyer has a home inspection and one of the items that come up are that there are voids in the sheet rock on the wall the separates the home from the garage, sometimes the wall has no sheet rock at all.  The door between the garage and the home can be a con...
If you are wanting to buy a home and waiting your wait may cost you up to $8000, plus interest and possibly a higher price.  The calendar shows spring is around the corner but the weather says it is here in Central Oregon and with that the end of the homebuyer tax credit deadline is fast approach...
Yesterday I found out what Technical Hell is - I was scheduled for an all day class, had a couple transactions needing constant attention and buyers out there asking questions.  On my way to my class my "smart phone" melted down and gave me a fatal blue screen. Upon arriving at the class and conn...
If you are a home buyer getting ready to jump into home ownership and plan to obtain a loan there are a few things you can do to save yourself a ton of frustration. Make sure your ID is valid and shows your current residence as your address Make sure you have bank accounts / utility bills and so ...
Today was the day - 3 days early the bank acceptance gave us till the 19th.  We wrote the offer just 62 days ago on a great Short Sale property in Sunriver.  It is amazing what team work, a great lender and a motivated buyer can do to get a property closed.  We offered full price, we had our duck...

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