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Your bank/lender - Lenders emphasize that financially stressed homeowners should contact them well before the loan is scheduled to reset higher. Ask whether your loan can be modified, for example, by fixing the rate below the scheduled reset amount. Ask whether you qualify for "forbearance" - tem...
This is specifically from the State of Nevada's web site, but there are some links and information that can benefit some debtors no matter what State they reside in. 
If you hate your job and you DECIDE to stay there, it's your fault.   If someone offers you a better job, but it requires you to move to another city, it's your fault.   If you DECIDE to save no money during your working lifetime, winding up broke and embarrassed at age 65, dependent on charities...
HISTORY OF ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGES AND ERRORS   As an experts on adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages, I am pleased to provide the following information as a public service.             More than fifty years ago Mr. William Double, an assemblyman in the Wisconsin State legislature won appro...
What You Need to Know About FHA Loans and FHA SecureThe FHASecure Program has been created as a way for the government to help "rescue" hundreds of thousands of borrowers from foreclosure due to adjustable rate loans that are going up. FHA doesn't make loans - it insures them against default. Tha...
According to the latest studies, there will be 1.1 million foreclosures spread out over a total period of six to seven years - which represents thirteen percent of the adjustable-rate mortgages originated through purchase or refinance from 2004 to 2006 .32 percent of teaser loans will default due...

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