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 Next September 4, the city of Los Angeles is turning 237 years old. Los Angeles has a lot to celebrate and the USA as a whole has a lot to be thankful for. One of the most popular (and most populous) cities in America, for over a century the city of Los Angeles has been home to the biggest playe...
Are you young and single? Craving for a fast pace busy life where you can meet a lot of different people, share your stories, learn from others and have a good time? No, this is not a dating service ad, nor a bartender opening. This is the best cities for singles, an article our team at RealEstat...
It’s 8 pm. As the night comes, everyone goes back inside. Only a few ventures around in the nighttime; it’s dangerous. Locked away at home, they don’t make a lot of noise nor movements. They rest because once the sun rises again, they’ll have a lot to do. Connections to make. Goods to trade. Dist...
 Last month our team at wrote about She Sheds, the ultimate place of retreat for women out of the household. Well, males also have their version: the man cave! But it is a very different concept if you think about it. While She Sheds are a separate “entity” from the house, thi...
With Father’s Day approaching our team at decided it would be nice to cherish this date with a post to give sons and daughters (and moms, if the children don’t have the age to buy it themselves) father’s day gift ideas. So, full disclosure: this post is going to be written fro...
 One-story, two-story; what’s best for a territory? This could easily be an excerpt from a bad Dr. Seuss real estate poem, but it’s a fair question we aim to discuss in this post: what are the main difference between a one-story house and a two-story house? What are the reasons that one person wo...
When our team here at saw that Mother’s Day was coming, there wasn’t much discussion about doing or not doing something to celebrate the date. Not only because it’s something anyone can relate – some people might not have a father, but everyone has a mother – but because Real ...
Have you ever heard about a She Shed? It’s the feminine response to the man cave; a place for retreat where women can have some alone time to do their own thing uninterrupted. But, with Man Caves, men usually just get one room of the property and adapts it to accommodate whatever his hobbies are....
Besides a global low supply, there’s a reason why open houses for luxury homes are so difficult to stage: the luxury niche is very particular in its dealings. You have to walk a fine line between proposing avant-garde ideas and classy time-tested strategies. Not to mention the fact that it can ta...
Unfortunately every now and then there’s a Landlord-Tenant dispute that can’t be settled with a simple conversation because either the Landlord or the Tenant (or even both) are too stubborn to realize it’s in their best interest to resolve the situation amicably. With that in mind, we came up wit...

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