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Unfamilar with the term "short sales"? Short sales help consumers that are upside-down on their mortgages, behind in their payments, heading for foreclosure & in foreclosure. With the help of a loss mitigation specialist/investor there is help for folks that are these situations.
There seems to be a lot of short sale confusion as to when short sale properties should be listed as pending in the MLS.  The discussion seems to be around when the offer is truly accepted.  Is it when the seller accepts or the bank approves the terms of the sale?  The answer is fairly simple.  T...
I have had many people ask me, how do I know if my agent knows how to do a short sale?  I usually answer with the following: 1. How many short sales have you successfully closed?  (I have closed 30 in 2 years.)2. How many listings do you currently have that are short sales? (I currently have 29 a...
In a short sale situation there has been a lot of confusion as to whether or not more than one offer should be submitted to the bank.  Ultimately that decision is the property owner's decision alone.  All we can do as real estate agents is advise our seller clients of the ramifications of submitt...
This blog is to discuss the new CSS status in MLX.  There is a lot of confusion about what it is and when to use it.  The CSS status should be used when a short sale goes under contract but the property owner wants to continue to market and accept further offers.  This status indicates to all par...
As the market continues to swing in the direction of more and more people defaulting on their mortgages there are issues that are being encountered with the buying and selling of short sales.  This blog is devoted to addressing those issues and hopefully making the process easier for agents doing...
Short sales in the State of Maine can be done one of two ways.  They can either be retail short sales or discounted short sales.  The first, retail short sales, can involve just the bank, the real estate agent, the sellers and/or a loss mitigation specialist.  The second, discounted short sales, ...

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Information on Short Sales in the State of Maine by an agent that is successfuly closing and specializes in short sales.