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You are at a party and a former client comes up and starts telling you about how the home warranty company will not fix her dishwasher. She wants you to do something now. What would you do? 1. Tell her you will check into it the next day and get back to her. 2. Go to your phone and try to reach t...
2 agents on your team have a buyer for the same house that just came on the market. As the broker, they come to you to discuss how to handle it. What would you do? 1. You tell them both to show the home to their buyers. Let the buyers know there may be more offers and even from your own team. 2. ...
A past client has listed their home with another agent. You see it on the MLS and your heart falls. These people are good friends and great clients havin greferred you many people over the years. You have stayed in touch and thought you were their agent of choice. What would you do? 1. Call them ...
You just closed escrow on a $1,000,000 home and got your check for $30,000. You want to celebrate. What do you do? 1. Spend a few hours thinking about what you could do: go to Hawaii, take your friends to a big fancy dinner, go to the mall and let loose, get a new car lease. 2.You do nothing but ...
One of your best friends calls you to list their house. You go to meet with them and bring the comps and information to market theri home and get them top dollar. The highest comp is $500,000. They tell you their neighbor who is also a real estate agent told them he could sell their house for at ...
You have an open house and a visitor to the open house brings in a child eating an ice cream cone. yo kindly ask them to leave the ice cream outside. They say it will be ok and come in anyway. The child drops the ice cream on the master bed cover. They do not tell you and leave. You find the evid...
California is the 3rd largest state in the USA with 163,707 square miles and a population of 38,332,521 ( 2013). Highest point is Mt. Whitney and the lowest point is Death Valley. Both are in Inyou County. The name California from a mythical Spanish Island ruled byt a queen named Califia. Spanish...
You have planned a weekend away with your husband for 3 months. The time has come to go for 3 days. The day before you leave a long time client calls and says their best friend of 20 years is in town and wants to buy a $1,000,000 house. They want to view homes today and tomorrow with the hopes of...
You go into the restroom at the nail salon and there is a $100 bill laying on the sink. What would you do? 1. Put it in your pocket and say nothing 2. Leave it there and say nothing 3. Turn it in to the manager 4. Go out and ask if anyone has lost anything
You bought a home about 7 months ago and lease the home. The renter moved out so you put it for sale and for rent. You paid $85,000 and you list it for $130,000. Within 2 days you get an offer for $115,000. You will have tax consequences if you sell the home as you have not owned it for year. Wha...

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