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I was having trouble with my log in today and could not find a phone number for Active Rain. I also called Trulia and they seemed to know nothing. The lady who answered at Trulia had not heard of Active Rain. Does anyone have a phone number for Active Rain? Thank you
It seems more and more we run into negative crabby people. Many times what they are upset is no big deal except to them. They like drama and chaos. Over the years I have used many of these tips to stay out of their drama. 1. If they call and rage, let it go to voicemail and then wait awhile to ca...
I have some clients who understand a hard money loan is a good deal. They understand that on a low dollar amount loan that the closing costs really increase the cost of the loan compared to a hard money loan. Also for the short term a hard money loan can work well. For people with sporadic income...
I do alot of leasing and also have alot of rentals myself. Here are some tips on how I choose good tenants: 1. Credit scoreĀ must be at least 600 2. I look inside their car to be sure it is clean 3. I get proof that they have paid the rent on time 4. I finad out why they are moving 5. I check out ...
Each escrow takes a life of its own particularly near the end of the escrow. There are so many loose ends that need to fall into place for the home to close escrow. The money needs to be there from the buyer. The lender needs to accept the HUD closing statement and then send the funds. The title ...
The past few days I have had back issues. It hit me out of the blue. I did not life too much or fall. I can move but with alot of pain and when I walk I feel like my back will not hold me and I will fall at anytime. I am very lucky my husband is a retired chiropractor so he has been helping throu...
After 8 years of short sales, they still take 6 to 8 months to process in many cases. Why do they take so long to process? It seems many times that the bank employess haveĀ  no interest in closing the files as when all the files are closed they will not have a job. Through the years, it seems shor...
We do so much each day that is related to our work of selling real estate. Is this work related? 1. Going to dinner with friends and clients? 2. Getting hair nails done or massage? 3. Shopping for business clothes? 4. Getting the car washed? 5. Having parties? 6. Attending parties? 7. Going to ch...
Here are what home buyers want most when buying a home in La Quinta, California: 1. Views of the mountains and golf course 2. Low cost HOA with amenities like front yard landscaping, manned gate, fitness center, community pools. ( under $300 month) 3. Great room plan 4. Garage to have at least 2 ...
Today is the day to buy a house. Interest rates are low. Prices are low. There are great homes to select. having your own home brings peace of mind, stability, and also money in your pcoket as you build up equity. Think of this - you buy a $300,000 home and live in it for 30 years until it is pai...

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