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1. Find the 10 top producers in your area 2. Interview at least 5 agents 3. Talk to at least 5 of their past clients 4. Go out with them and view 4 homes to see how you relate with them 5. Talk to their lender and service people to be sure you work well with them too 6. Remember that buying a hom...
I have been surveying people as to how they choose a real estate agent. Some of these answers are pretty funny 1. Friend 2. Neighbor 3. Relative 4. Used them in the past 5. Sat next to them in a movie 6. Lender recommendation 7. Saw their sign at the car wash 8. Open house 9. Went into their offi...
1. Reasearch the proeprty history and tax records 2. Run comps on the neighborhood 3. Google the owner of the home 4. Dress appropriately for the situation 5. Take the seller a gift 6. Have your references and accolades in line 7. Have the listing papers prepared 8. Role play your presentation 9....
Most sellers get really good real estate agetns who work nonstop to get top dollar for their sellers. Real estate agents market, network, negotiate and close deals. They are a counselor, financial advisor, handyman, cleaner, decorator, salesman, negotiator, closer, transaction coordinator, parale...
1. They want attention 2. They want to know their agents care 3. They want to feel their agent is working on selling their home 24/7 4. They want to feel their agent will get them top dollar for their home 5. They want gret photos 6. They want op notch flyers 7. They want open houses all the time...
Interest rates are lower than they have ever been. Do you know you can get a 30 year fixed loan for 3.5% or a 15 year fixed for 2.625%? Even if you owe less than $200,000, you can save over $150 per month on your home. If you are looking to upgrade to a larger home, now is the time. Prices for ho...
I have been a member of Active Rain for many years. Over the past few months, I have not been sharing. My husband had a knee replacement inaddition to his CIDP. I was burnt out on real estate after 15 years and selling over 2000 homes. Recently, I have been healing my real estate attitude. I am o...

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