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I am grateful to have alot of business, but I just want people who are not real estate agents to know what our typical work day is like whether it is a Saturday or not. 7:30 am - answer emails and send listings 8:00 am - go to office and get signed for open house and flyers 9 am- Show rental 10 a...
1. Procrastination is a not a personality trait or flaw that you are born with. Itis a habit and is changeable. 2. Admit to yourself that you procrastinate. Think about your inactions and why you do not do certain things Many excuses relate to fear-not being perfect, being rejected, tackling the ...
The real estate business and buying and selling can be emotional. Some people are just more emotional than others. I coach clients from the start to not be emotionally tied to any house or the outcome. I am amazed how people end up with the right home for them. The people who are able to remain e...
Whatever you like to do to promote your business, do it often and regularly. Be presistent and consistent. I like to blog, use facebook, have parties and go to parties, email and text, and use my referral network of agents across America and past clients. Whether I have alot of sales or not, I ke...
I have been selling real estate now for over 12 years. Pretty much my whole life revolves around real estate. Most of my firends have bought or sold houses with me as their agent and referred me other buyers and sellers. I work just about everyday. I go to parties with past clients and also have ...
A successful real estate professional needs to look fresh and modern without being too trendy. 1. Is your hair up to date? Make sure your photos are up to date? 2. Do your clothes fit right? Do they accent your body? 3. Are you well-groomed from head to toe? Your clothes should be pressed, clean,...
Here are 5 ideas for improving memory: 1. Slow down and listen -Take time to focus and you will remember more 2. Manage your stress level- stress is the number #1  killer of memory. 3. Think visually - Pictures are the language of your memory 4. Have a system of association- some people use menta...
Here are a few tips to get offers accepted: 1. All cash helps 2. Definitely have proof of funds and a loan preapproval submitted with offer 3. Let the seller choose the services 4. Take the house 'as is' subject to inspection 5. A quick close of escrow 6. No appraisal contingency 7. Do not ask fo...
I am calm and nice. I work everyday. When you need me, I will be there. If I do not answer your call or call back quickly, please wait as I am either in a crisis with someone else or fixing your issue fast. I expect you to be available for calls, texts, emails. I expect you to be kind and calm. B...
Old Profile Contents About me: When you assemble a group of talented and committed professionals into one group like The Lori Bowers Group, it's no wonder their sales numbers top the charts and their motto is ,     "If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, call us - WE GET RESULTS!!!"   T...

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